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1. Terms and conditions of use

This website, http://oneidarchitects.com/, is the property of ONE ID ARCHITECTS and is protected by the provisions of Law 2121/93 on intellectual property, as currently in force.

The visitor/user (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, ‘the user’) of ONE ID ARCHITECTS (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, ‘ONE ID ARCHITECTS’) website must carefully read the terms of use and the conditions for provision of services which follow, before visiting or using our pages and services, and give their consent to those terms and conditions. Should they find the terms and conditions unacceptable, they must refrain from using the site.

The terms and conditions of use set out below apply to the entire content and, generally, anything contained in the pages of our site. ONE ID ARCHITECTS may at any time amend the terms and conditions of use. No amendment of these terms and conditions shall be taken into account or shall form part of this agreement unless formulated in writing and incorporated in the agreement, in its electronic form.

The user is expected on each occasion of use to check for any possible changes; if they continue to use the site they shall be assumed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions. Should they not accept the changes they must refrain from using/visiting our site.


2. Intellectual property rights

The entire content of our website - including (the following are intended as examples, not as an exhaustive list) articles, news, graphics, photographs, diagrams, images, services and, in general, files of all kinds - is protected by copyright and subject to the national and international provisions on intellectual property and copyright, with the exception of those third-party rights explicitly acknowledged.

It is therefore explicitly prohibited to reproduce, republish, copy, store, sell, broadcast, distribute, publish, execute, download, translate or amend in any way, parts of or abstracts of the whole content, without the explicit prior written consent of ONE ID ARCHITECTS. By way of exception, it is permitted to store and copy parts of the content onto an ordinary personal computer, for strictly personal use (private study or research, educational purposes), without intention of commercial or other use, and always on condition that the source of the material is stated, without this implying in any way a concession of copyright.

It is also permitted to republish material for the purpose of promoting events and activities of ONE ID ARCHITECTS, on condition that the source is acknowledged and no copyright is infringed, and that no commercial symbols or trademarks or logos are modified, altered or deleted.

Whatever else is contained on the pages of our site and comprises the registered trademarks or copyright products of third parties falls within their own sphere of responsibility and has no relation with ONE ID ARCHITECTS website.


3. User obligations and responsibility

The site user is obliged to comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and international law and the relevant legislation on telecommunications; they must also refrain from any illegal or improper use of the content and services of the site.

Users must also behave in a seemly, courteous and discreet manner during visits to and use of the site, while it is explicitly forbidden to make use of practices involving unfair competition or other practices contrary to ‘netiquette’ (Internet Users Code of Conduct).

The user shall be exclusively liable for any damage caused to the site or the network more generally by abuse or improper use of the services provided. In the sending of e-mails:

  • The details and content of the message must not offend the creators or other users of the site, and the internet in general, and must comply with the laws, honest practice and the customs governing the use of the internet.
  • The user must make adequate attempts to remove viruses or other material which might damage ONE ID ARCHITECTS website or other users of the internet.
  • Messages must not contain advertising material, unless such material is primarily of an informational/educational nature.
  • Messages must respect human rights and minority groups.
  • Messages may be used by ONE ID ARCHITECTS without generating any legal claim on the part of the user providing the message.


4. Limited liability

Without offering any warranty or accepting any liability, ONE ID ARCHITECTS makes every effort to ensure that the information and content of its website is characterized by the greatest possible accuracy and clarity, is up-to-date, full, correct and available.

In no circumstances, including that of negligence, can ONE ID ARCHITECTS accept liability for any damage caused to the user by reason of his use of our site.

Information and services are offered on an ‘as is’ basis, without any guarantee, explicit or implicit (ONE ID ARCHITECTS explicitly disclaiming any such guarantee), including, for example, guarantees on commerciality or suitability. In no circumstances does ONE ID ARCHITECTS guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free provision of services and content, or the absence of viruses, either in respect to the website or to any other site or server through which the content is received.

ONE ID ARCHITECTS retains the right, entirely at its own discretion, a) to make additions, improvements and/or alterations to any information and/or service and/or software provided on this site, without notice, b) to cease providing any service and/or software and to refrain from publishing on the site and to remove from the site any information or material provided or placed by the user, at any time, without notice, mainly but not exclusively for reasons of efficient functioning or security or on other necessary grounds, c) to use the proposals or information made available by users in any way it deems appropriate within the context of legal use (as in the case of protection of personal data).


5. Protection of personal data

The management and protection of the personal data of the site user are governed by the terms of this contract and the relevant provisions of Greek law (Law 2472/1997, Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000, article 8 of Law 2819/2000) and European law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).

The personal details collected by our website are as follows:

A) Mandatory: Name, Surname, Email address, Telephone number, Address, City, Country, Profession

These details will not be communicated to third parties (except, and solely where required or allowed by law, to the competent authorities); the confidentiality of these details will be respected. Our website keeps records of these details entirely for purposes of communication, for statistical purposes and in order to improve the services provided via the site.

With regard particularly to the chat and forum services, the site may record messages sent by users/visitors in order to ascertain breaches of the terms of this contract, but will not in any circumstances share their content with third parties. Furthermore, in respect of links to other sites, our own site is not liable for the terms of management and protection of personal data such other sites may implement.

At all events, the user of our site may, after contacting the appropriate department and ascertaining the existence of their personal file, request that this file be deleted, corrected or otherwise amended. Minors may access our site only with the consent of their parents or guardians.


6. Links to other sites

ONE ID ARCHITECTS does not control the websites of third parties to which it may refer users via hyperlinks or advertising banners; it can accept no liability for the content of such sites.

Links to other sites are provided for the convenience of users of ONE ID ARCHITECTS’s own site, without this meaning a) that ONE ID ARCHITECTS espouses or accepts the content or services of the external sites, b) that there is any relationship between ONE ID ARCHITECTS and the owners of the external sites, c) that ONE ID ARCHITECTS extends any guarantee relating to protection of personal data, availability, quality, fullness or accuracy of information or services contained on third-party sites, or in respect of their safety and freedom from viruses, d) that it undertakes any liability for any misuse of information provided on external sites. In the event of any problem occurring during a visit to or use of these external sites, the user must contact directly the site in question and its owners, who bear the relevant liability.

Legislation on intellectual and industrial property and trademarks/logos, and other related laws of any country, protect the websites to which ONE ID ARCHITECTS refers its users via links or hyperlinks. Referral via link by the producer of ONE ID ARCHITECTS’s site to other websites does not preclude the application of the above laws by the owners of the latter sites, in the event of breach of the above laws during use of the material contained on the said sites. 


7. Information Services (Newsletters)

These services are offered by our site to those users who are interested and who have completed the relevant form with their personal details (some mandatory, some optional), provided that, and only if, the users wish to complete the form. These users are then registered on the mailing list for newsletters, press releases etc., without this meaning in any circumstances that they thereby acquire any intellectual property rights, which are, in any case, protected by the relevant provisions of Greek legislation and of European and international agreements,  and which belong exclusively to ONE ID ARCHITECTS. ONE ID ARCHITECTS may exercise its own discretion in deciding whether to register a user for a particular service, and whether to remove a user’s name from the mailing list.


8. Voting

Our website’s voting service allows any interested user to vote on questions arising from issues in everyday life or in the news. All the responses are recorded and analysed to generate conclusions which reflect the state of public opinion and which are the intellectual property of the site. ONE ID ARCHITECTS may set the terms and conditions for participation in the voting and reserves the right to suspend that voting.


9. Compensation

The site user hereby explicitly declares, committing themselves through their acceptance of this contract, that in the event of any legal action or suit or administrative process being brought against ONE ID ARCHITECTS arising from breach by the user of any form of third-party copyright, they shall a) appear and take part in the judicial or administrative proceedings, and b) compensate fully ONE ID ARCHITECTS in the event of the latter being obliged to pay compensation or incurring any other expense.


10. Applicable law and other terms and conditions

This user contract is subject to the provisions of Greek law and shall be interpreted in the light of the usual rules of good faith, business ethics and the economic and social purpose of ONE ID ARCHITECTS. If any of its provisions shall be deemed contrary to the law and therefore invalid or liable to be declared null and void, it shall automatically cease to have any force, without the validity of the other provisions being in any way affected.

No amendment of the terms of the contract shall be accepted or form part of the contact unless formulated in writing and formally incorporated into the contract. Any dispute arising from the contract shall be resolved by the competent courts of the city of Athens.



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